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Why Should You Use Buy&Ship Philippines Today?

June 19, 2024

Buy&Ship Philippines stands out as the premier choice for international shoppers, offering multiple warehouse locations, competitive and transparent pricing, easy tracking, reliable insurance, express checkout, proxy shopping services, free consolidation, and reliable customer support.

By choosing Buy&Ship, you can enjoy a seamless and cost-effective international shopping experience, bringing the world of e-commerce right to your doorstep in the Philippines. Start shopping globally with ease and confidence today!

Table of Contents
→ Reasons Why You Should Use Us
→ Introducing Buy&Ship’s 3 Main Services!
→ Top 30 Worldwide Online Shopping Sites Buy&Ship Members Love

Reasons Why You Should Use Us

#1 Multiple Warehouse Locations

Buy&Ship operates multiple warehouse locations across 13 regions and countries. This extensive network enables you to shop from a wide range of online stores worldwide and have your purchases conveniently shipped to your doorstep in the Philippines. Whether you’re hunting for the latest fashion trends, tech gadgets, or unique items from abroad, Buy&Ship makes it accessible.

💡 Buy&Ship EMPOWERS you to online shop in US, UK, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, China, Canada, and Hong Kong

#2 Competitive Shipping Rates and Transparent Pricing

One of Buy&Ship’s standout features is its transparent and straightforward pricing model. Unlike other shipping services that may surprise you with hidden fees, Buy&Ship prides itself on providing clear and competitive shipping rates. This transparency makes it easier for you to understand the total cost of your shipments, allowing for better budget management and peace of mind.

#3 Tracking is Easy

Worried about where your package is? Buy&Ship offers an easy-to-use tracking system that lets you monitor the status of your shipments in real time. From the moment your package leaves the warehouse to its arrival at your doorstep, you can stay updated on its journey. This level of visibility ensures you’re never left guessing about your delivery.

#4 Reliable Insurance Coverage

Shipping internationally can come with concerns about potential loss or damage. Buy&Ship addresses this with reliable insurance options. Every package is covered by standard insurance, and for added peace of mind, you can opt for Buy&Ship Plus Advanced Protection. This ensures your valuable items are safeguarded throughout transit.

💡 All Buy&Ship package is covered by the standard insurance.

#5 Shop Abroad as Easily as Locally with Buy&Ship’s Express Checkout

One of the hassles of international shopping is handling multiple transactions from different stores. Buy&Ship simplifies this with its Express Checkout feature, allowing you to shop from various international stores in a single, streamlined process. This saves time and reduces the complexity and effort involved in international shopping.

#6 We help you buy globally w/ Buy&Ship’s Proxy Shopping Service, Buyforyou

Encountering issues with your credit card when purchasing abroad? Buy&Ship’s Proxy Shopping Service, Buyforyou, is here to help! This service steps in when your card faces trouble, enabling you to make purchases effortlessly. With Buyforyou, you can overcome the barriers of international payment and shop globally without a hitch.

#7 Free Consolidation with 42 Days Warehouse Storage

Shipping costs can add up, especially when you’re ordering multiple items from different countries and/or stores. Buy&Ship offers FREE consolidation, allowing you to combine multiple packages into one shipment. Additionally, with up to 42 days of free warehouse storage, you can accumulate your purchases and ship them together, significantly saving on shipping costs.

#8 Interactive Community and Efficient Customer Support

Buy&Ship fosters an interactive community where you can connect with fellow ka-BNS through multiple communication channels such as email, live chat, and social media. This extensive support network is bolstered by authentic reviews from the Buyaholic community, ensuring you receive helpful advice and support when needed.

Want More Global Shopping Options? Introducing Buy&Ship’s 3 Main Services!

Service #1 Buy&Ship’s Shipping (Padala)

Shop directly from international stores and ship to the Philippines by entering your unique member ID and choosing any of our 13 worldwide warehouse addresses as your shipping address during checkout directly from the country-origin of the brand you want to buy!

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. Requires Declaration. Free Consolidation. Door-to-door Delivery.

Service #2 Proxy Service | Buyforyou (Padala)

Want us to buy something for you? We got you! Your personal shopping assistant is here! Request any item you want by entering the product link and simply wait for a quote!

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. No Need to Declare. Just wait for the notification when it is “Ready for Consolidation” in Hong Kong and checkout as normal.

Service #3 Express Checkout (In-House Mall)

Hassle-free and easy shopping in just 1-click! Just simply ‘Buy Now’ and check out when you see our Express Checkout icon!

To see all of the products in our catalog, go to Buyaholic and browse the categories ‘Deals,’ ‘Recommended,’ and ‘Deluxe’

💡 Authentic as Direct to the Brand. No Need to Declare. Just wait for the notification when it is “Ready for Consolidation” in Hong Kong and checkout as normal.

Start Online Shopping and Start the Fun!

Happy Payday! Buyandship’s Top 30 Shopping Sites! Save Big on eBay, Amazon, Taobao, Coach, and More!
BNS RankCountryOnline Shopping SiteBrand Link
#1Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)eBayClick Here
#2Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)AmazonClick Here
#3Milan, ItalyPolène ParisClick Here
#4Shenzhen, ChinaTaobao/TMallClick Here
#5Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Coach OutletClick Here
#6Ibaraki, JapanAmazonClick Here
#7Ibaraki, JapanGuClick Here
#8Seoul, KoreaWeVerse ShopClick Here
#9Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Kate Spade OutletClick Here
#10Ibaraki, JapanSuper RCClick Here
#11Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Primary ClothingClick Here
#12Ibaraki, JapanUniqloClick Here
#13Los Angeles, U.S. (change of address)Macy’sClick Here
#14Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Tommy HilfigerClick Here
#15Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)JomashopClick Here
#16Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Card KingdomClick Here
#17Ashford, U.K.eBayClick Here
#18Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)EtsyClick Here
#19Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Shop Premium OutletsClick Here
#20Ibaraki, JapanRakutenClick Here
#21Ibaraki, JapanOnitsuka TigerClick Here
#22Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)TCG PlayerClick Here
#23Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Rhode SkinClick Here
#24Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Hugo BossClick Here
#25Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Calvin KleinClick Here
#26Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)Old NavyClick Here
#27Portland, U.S. (Tax-free)WhatnotClick Here
#28Bangkok, ThailandLazadaClick Here
#29Buy&ShipExpress CheckoutClick Here
#30Ibaraki, JapanPokémon CenterClick Here