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Top-Requested Sites in the BuyForYou Service!

July 13, 2024

Ka-BNS, we’ve been paying close attention to what you want, and now, with Buyforyou, we’re making it super easy for you to shop from your favorite places. You told us about the sites you really, really want to buy from, and we’ve got your back. Whether it’s cool stuff from the US, popular things from Hong Kong, or must-haves from Canada, Buyforyou is here to make your international shopping a breeze. If you’re looking for shopping inspirations, we collated the top-requested sites in our Buyforyou service, making your wish list a reality!

Table of Contents:

 What is Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service: Buyforyou
 Top 10 Most Requested Sites in Buyfoyou
 How to Use Buyforyou?

What is Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service: Buyforyou

Buyforyou is a buying service for our members who cannot buy using their credit cards in the US, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, and Hong Kong stores. There are some stores that do not allow foreign credit cards, may need mobile OTP, or have complicated checkout protocols, now you can use Buyforyou! Check it on your member dashboard in the toggle menu or the member center.

In addition to the product’s price, there will be a 6% – 10% service fee which is based on the cost of the product including the product’s price and local shipping fee requested from the seller (if any). You will see the breakdown before checking out your order. You can submit your requests on your dashboard.

Top 10 Most Requested Sites in Buyfoyou

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #1 Apple

#1 Apple

A brand that needs no introduction, Apple is the top influential technology company that takes the whole world by storm! Renowned for its iconic products such as the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch, the brand has set industry standards for user experience and aesthetics.

Requested Countries: USA & Hong Kong

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #2 WeBike

#2 Webike

Webike.net, the premier online destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, offers an extensive range of parts, accessories, and gear to enhance every ride.

Requested Countries: Japan

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #3 Best Buy

#3 Best Buy

Best Buy is a leading consumer electronics and technology retailer, renowned for providing an extensive selection of cutting-edge products, from laptops and smartphones to home appliances and entertainment systems.

Requested Countries: USA

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #4 Rakuten Japan

#4 Rakuten Japan

Known as the “Amazon” of Japan, Rakuten, is the leading global e-commerce and online retail company in Japan that offers an extensive range of products and services, including shopping, entertainment, and fintech solutions.

Requested Countries: Japan

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #5 Amazon

#5 Amazon

Amazon is a huge online shop that currently operates online shopping sites around the world. You can find things that are hard to find in the Philippines and you can buy them at a lower price than in PH and, even the US.

Requested Countries: USA & Japan

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #6 Framework

#6 Framework

Frame.work is a revolutionary tech company dedicated to creating customizable, repairable laptops, empowering users with sustainable and upgradable computing solutions.

Requested Countries: USA

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #7 Adidas

#7 Adidas

A brand that needs no introduction, Adidas, a global leader in sportswear, is celebrated for its innovative, high-performance athletic apparel and footwear that empower athletes to reach their full potential.

Requested Countries: Japan

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #8 Onitsuka Tiger

#8 Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger, a pioneering Japanese footwear brand, seamlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern design, offering stylish, high-performance sneakers beloved by athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Requested Countries: USA/Japan

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #9 Macy's

#9 Macy’s

With a legacy of over 160 years, Macy’s is a premier American department store, is renowned for its extensive selection of high-quality fashion, home goods, and beauty products, catering to a diverse customer base.

Requested Countries: Macy’s

Buyforyou Top Requested Sites #10 Gu

#10 Gu

GU Japan, the dynamic sister company of UNIQLO, offers trendy, affordable fashion with a Japanese flair, catering to a young, style-conscious audience looking for innovative and versatile wardrobe options.

Requested Countries: Japan

How to Use Buyforyou?

Step 1: Sign up for Buyandship

  • Sign up with your Gmail / Facebook account or Apple ID (App only).
  • The email address cannot be changed manually after registration. We suggest signing up with a frequently used email address.
  • For signing up with Facebook, please be mindful of the email address used in your Facebook account.

Step 2: Fill in the request details

  • Click “Request items” and proceed to select overseas warehouse US, TW, CA, JP, CN, KR, or HK (Buyforyou service is currently only available for these 7 countries)
  • Provide the item details, such as the item URL and item image
  • Check the color and size of items before submitting your request
  • Ensure that the unit price is the one after the discounted price.


  • Please have a look at Prohibited Items before shopping online.
  • If there is any discount code, please remember to fill it in while creating your item request.
  • If you are requesting items from different shopping sites, please create a new request for items from each website.

Step 3: Submit an item request

  • After submission, our buying agent will check the price and the availability of the items. You will receive an email notification if there is any update on your request status.
  • If your requested items are not available for purchase, i.e. out of stock, you only need to pay the fees for items that can be successfully purchased.


  • Please check your item request carefully before submission as there is no returning service for Buyforyou items.

Step 4: Check and Pay your request

  • You will be notified by email once the request is confirmed and ready to pay. Please check your request details before making payment.
  • You are strongly advised to settle the payment as soon as possible to prevent stockouts of requested items.


  • Credit card payment is accepted.
  • If your items fail to be purchased, you will be notified by email, and the fee for those items will be either canceled or returned by bank transfer in 3 working days generally.

Step 5: Consolidate & Collect an order

  • After purchase, your items will be automatically sent to our overseas warehouse you selected (No need to declare your shipment, we will declare it for you), and then forwarded to our Hong Kong warehouse
  • After you receive an email notification regarding the shipment consolidation, you can consolidate your items, select your delivery address and pay the delivery fee.


  • You will be notified by email once the order is ready for delivery.