[T-Mall ★ Taobao] Complete Guide for Taobao and T-Mall! Featured Brands and Sale Event Dates!

Introducing how to use “Taobao” and “Tmall”, one of the largest online shopping malls in China! In case you didn’t know, both “Taobao” and “Tmall” belong to the Alibaba group, and the purchase method is the same, but there are actually some differences.

Some people may ask an agent to shop on these sites, but in fact, if you use freight forwarding service, you can easily and affordably get your favorite products from Taobao! !! ♥ Taobao and Tmall are all Chinese sites, so it may be a high hurdle for beginners to buy individually, but this article has summarized tips on how to buy on the Taobao site! If you want to know how to buy at “Taobao”,  click inside to learn more!

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[T-Mall ★ Taobao] Popular Chinese Cosmetic Brands You Need to Know About!

Chinese cosmetics, which have been gradually attracting attention since 2019 are expected to grow rapidly in the next five years due to the growing demand for premium cosmetics and the growing number of working women who tend to spend more on cosmetic products. Having said that, we know that many Filipinos are hesitant to try it at first but don’t you worry, in this blog we included safety verification methods for Chinese cosmetics plus reliable cosmetic shops that we love that have a flagship store at Taobao/ T-Mall. Snag popular Chinese cosmetic brands like Girl Cult, Zeesea, Hanashiko, and more at China’s 55 Labor Festival!

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