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Why shop overseas and forward parcels?

Spend 30% Less on Prices

Shopping abroad saves you 30% off local product prices on average! You can also be the first to get new products that are not available locally or even regionally limited versions.

Halve Your Shipping Cost

Direct international shipping can be 2 times more expensive than parcel forwarding. You can further cut back on the shipping costs by combining shipments from different locations into one.
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What Buyandship Provides

Weight-based Pricing Plans

Select the pricing plans that suits your needs: Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) or Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), starting with ₱620 for the first pound.

Fast Forwarding

It takes 2 days at the earliest to ship parcels to our Hong Kong warehouse from our overseas warehouse. Home Delivery to your address takes around 3-14 days.

Cross-regional consolidation

Save your money by consolidating multiple shipments from different regions into one single order to ship. The shipping fee is charged by the total weight.

Take Care of Your Needs

Need extra care for your products?

Shipment protection plans

All shipments are protected against damage/loss, etc. You can also upgrade to Buyandship Plus to enjoy comprehensive protection as well as return services.
Want to save more on shipping?

Earn rebates from topping up credits

You can purchase Buyandship credits which offset shipping fees. The more credits you buy, the higher the rebate will be!
Concern about your shipment status?

Shipping status real-time update

Keep track of the shipment process and check the location of your shipment at any time. All shipment statuses are notified via email and app, and you can also view shipment details in the member centre.

Expertise in Parcel Forwarding

Warehouses Available
Shipments Handled by Buyandship

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