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Mommy Patty is Now a Buyandship Member! | Use Her Code: PATTY100

November 4, 2021



Mommy Patty is now a Buyandship member! She bought from Anthropologie in the US and shipped directly to her home in the Philippines with Buyandship’s no US sales tax shipping address. Buy direct and authentic, discover products worldwide, with ease, at the comfort of your home 🙂  Sign up with PATTY100 to get PHP 100 credits on sign up.


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Patty’s Video About Buyandship Philippines



Patty’s Recommended Brand



Anthropologie was founded by current URBN chairman and president Dick Hayne, having heard the plea of a friend. She had just moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia and was dissatisfied with the shopping options available to her. Named after his college major (but with a decidedly French twist), Anthropologie opened its very first doors in the autumn of 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania with 200 stores worldwide today! Their products consist of women’s apparel and accessories, intimates, and yep, you guessed it- home furniture and décor.


➡️ Click here to Shop at Anthropologie

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Patty’s Recommended Items



#1 Tuscany Marvel Coffee Table Book

Tuscany needs no introduction, but it always can be admired and celebrated as it is in this captivating coffee table book that features more than 200 photos of its rich culture, art history, and authentic cuisine.



Retails at USD 95.00 or PHP 4,802.11


#2 Modern Dominoes Set

Offering a crisp, modern update to a classic game, this domino set is a thoughtful gift for the game-lover this holiday season. This game board includes 28 pieces and is made of paperboard and wood.



Retails at USD 22.00 or PHP 1,112.07



#3 Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Cabin Wool Blend Throw Blanket

Designed by Amber Lewis in collaboration with Anthropologie, this blanket overflows with fluffy trim that’s just as snuggly as it looks – making it the perfect addition to your autumnal décor.



Retails at USD 168.00 or PHP 8,492.15

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use Buyandship

1. Register as a Buyandship member

  • What you’ll need is just your name, email address, and your mobile number.
  • Upon your registration, you will get a unique member ID which also serves as the identification of your parcels during the shipping progress.

Reminder: If you do not have the verification email, please check the spam or junk mail folder.

TIP | Use Patty’s Sign Up Code: PATTY100

Note: How To Input Your Patty’s Code?

  1. Create an account on our Log-in Page
  2. Once you click on your email verification link, you will be redirected to your profile page. Fill in your details and paste “PATTY100 under the promotion code.
  3. Verify your account through a valid PH Number
  4. Receive PHP100 Credits when you verified your BNS Account!


2. Fill in your Shipping Address & Home Delivery address

  • Fill in your Shipping Address on overseas shopping sites. Keep in mind the items under the Prohibited Items Catalog before shopping. During the checkout, please use our overseas warehouse address as your shipping address in the shopping sites you used. Kindly remember to fill in your name and member ID as the receiver.
  • Add your home delivery address with your pricing option. Fill in your local delivery address in “My Addresses” and select your pricing option for the address. We provide 2 pricing options: Delivered Duty Unpaid & Delivered Duty Paid. For more details, please refer to the Pricing page. Kindly remember to add your address again with another pricing option so you can use either pricing option for the same address.


➡️ How to Online Shop Using Buyandship

➡️ Get Your Warehouse Addresses HERE


Add your home delivery address with your pricing option. Fill in your local delivery address in “My Addresses” and select your pricing option for the address. We provide 2 pricing options: Delivered Duty Unpaid & Delivered Duty Paid. For more details, please refer to the Pricing page. Kindly remember to add your address again with another pricing option so you can use either pricing option for the same address.


➡️ Add your Philippines Home Delivery Addresses, Create a Duplicate DDP and DDU Address


3. Declare your shipment

  • From the email sent by your retailer, you can find all the information you needed for the declaration, such as Shipping Carrier and the Tracking Number of your goods;
  • Once you get the above-mentioned information, please declare your parcel immediately at Parcel Management;
  • When your package reaches our overseas warehouse, it will be checked in within 2 working days. If not, contact us.
  • For a Step By Step on How to Declare Your Shipments, please click HERE on the link.


Reminders: Any declaration completed after the parcels arrives at our overseas warehouse may delay the shipping time. Any parcels without declaration or with misleading information in the declaration will affect the arrival time at the Hong Kong warehouse and its shipping progress to the Philippines. Any false statement in the declaration may affect the insurance claim of your package.


4. Consolidate your shipment

  • You will receive an email notification when your parcels arrive at Hong Kong warehouse. Then, you can create a shipment order by consolidating your parcels on your dashboard.
  • Please confirm your delivery address and the pricing option you wish to have at My Addresses
  • After your payment is settled by online credit or debit card, your shipment will be sent out from our Hong Kong warehouse within 1-2 working days. (As this is an overseas payment, you may contact your card issuer with questions regarding any relevant administration fee.)
  • Now, you only need to sit back until receiving the parcel collection notification. You can have a look at the recommended overseas shopping sites which are picked up by our editors if you have time.

Reminders: When your parcels have arrived at the Buyandship Hong Kong warehouse, if you have any questions regarding the chargeable weight, please contact us before you pay the delivery fee. Those parcels can be stored at our Hong Kong warehouse for 42 days for FREE, and afterward, there will be an overdue storage fee. For the details, please refer to the Pricing section.


5. Collect your goods

Wait for your parcels to arrive at your doorstep in the Philippines! Due to the current virus situation worldwide, please allow more delays as it is unpredictable during these virus times.

Reminder: In the case of Customs inspection, the time of delivery may be delayed. Please be patient. The unpaid shipment will not be sent out from our Hong Kong warehouse.