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A Fresh Look, A Bold Future: Explore a New Era of Shopping with Buy&Ship

June 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a bold new chapter in our story. As part of our commitment to better serve our customers and provide an enhanced shopping experience, we are rebranding to Buy&Ship. This transformation isn’t just about a new name; it’s a reflection of our commitment to innovate a seamless global shopping experience for you. Everyone, welcome to the new era of online shopping!

Why Buy&Ship?

The name Buy&Ship encapsulates the essence of our service—buying and shipping, simplified. This change reflects our mission to make international shopping more accessible and hassle-free for everyone. With advantages such as:

  • Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Competitive Shipping Rates and Transparent Pricing
  • Easy tracking
  • Reliable Insurance Coverage
  • Shop Abroad as Easily as Locally with Buyandship’s Express Checkout
  • We help you buy globally with Buyandship’s Proxy Shopping Service, Buyforyou
  • Free Consolidation with 42 Days Warehouse Storage
  • Interactive Community and Efficient Customer Support

Buy&Ship’s mission is to simplify international shopping. And with our new identity, we are more ready than ever to deliver on that promise. Here’s what you can expect from Buy&Ship:

What’s New with Buy&Ship?

At Buy&Ship, our rebranding is not just skin deep. We are transforming every aspect of our platform to provide you with a superior shopping and shipping experience. Ready to see all the improvements? Let’s go!

New Visual Identity

  • Logo: Our new logo is more than a design update; it’s a symbol of our commitment to excellence~ bridging the gap between international accessibility and convenience with just a few taps.
  • Icons and Illustrations: We’ve updated our icons and illustrations to be more modern and engaging, enhancing the overall aesthetic of our platform.
  • Colors: Our vibrant new color palette reflects the diversity and dynamism of our global community.

Innovative Features

  • Brand New App Features: Experience a host of new features designed to make your shopping journey smoother and more enjoyable. Online shopping abroad has never looked this good.
  • Enhanced User Interface: We’ve revamped our website and app to provide a more intuitive and seamless user experience. Navigation is now smoother, and finding what you need is easier than ever.

Transformative Experiences

  • Beyond Shopping: We’re creating a platform where you can explore different experiences at various destinations. Our vision is to transform global shopping into a more engaging and enriching adventure.
  • Global Connectivity: Explore daily recommendations and reviews from REAL Buyandship members in our social shopping community, Buyaholic! Get inspired and bring the world’s best products right to your doorstep.

Comprehensive Overhaul

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging the latest AI technology, we’ve improved our logistics and tracking systems, ensuring faster, and more reliable shipping and Proxy Shopping.

Why, rebrand?

Why, rebrand?

As the landscape of global commerce evolves, we recognize the need to adapt and enhance our services to meet the growing demands of our community. We reflect our growth and commitment to continual improvement, ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of international shopping and shipping.

By modernizing our image with a fresh, dynamic look and a clearer, more memorable name, we are better positioned to deliver a seamless, engaging, and sustainable shopping experience. Our new identity is designed to resonate with our diverse user base, embodying our core values of innovation, efficiency, and inclusivity. Through Buy&Ship, we aim to redefine global shopping, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What does the future hold for Buy&Ship?

Our rebranding to Buy&Ship is just the beginning. We have a lot of exciting updates and features planned for the near future. And as we embark on this new chapter, everyone at Buy&Ship holds the same sentiment:

We aim to become the default shopping platform for consumers, the very first place they turn to whenever they want to purchase anything.

Sheldon Li, Buy&Ship’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey & Follow Buy&Ship!

Hop on to the new trend of online shopping and start shopping with Buy&Ship today. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest news, promotions, and tips for getting the most out of your international shopping experience.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the best in global shopping and shipping services.

Happy shopping!
The Buy&Ship Team